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Sachet Quilt Kit featuring Into the Woods Fabric

Finished quilt measures approx 70x84

Includes all fabric for top and binding.

(A) Cosmic Clover Melon PWKA001.MELON 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(B) Cosmic Clover Raspberry PWKA001.RASPBERRY 1 ⁄3 yard (0.30m)
(C) Cosmic Clover DreamBlue PWKA001.DREAMBLUE 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(D) Pinoak Sienna PWKA004.SIENNA 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(E) Rose Petal Violet PWKA006.VIOLET* 13 ⁄4 yards (1.60m)
(F) Rose Petal Jade PWKA006.JADE 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(G) Eucalyptus Celadon PWKA009.CELADON 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(H) Dogwood Carolina PWKA010.CAROLINA 1 ⁄3 yard (0.30m)
(I) Dogwood Days Grass PWKA013.GRASS 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(J) Cherry Dance Pine PWKA015.PINE 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(K) Waterbirch Sage PWKA016.SAGE 1 ⁄2 yard (0.46m)
(L) Moda Bella Solids White Bleached 3 yards (2.74m) 

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