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Miele SET220


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Miele SET220 Wand
This Miele SET220 is a chrome, telescopic wand that provides an electrical supply to direct connect powerbrushes.

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Miele SET-220 Telescoping Electric Wand

When the wand is attached between the electric hose and the powerbrush, the electrical connections are made automatically. This means you have no external cords between the cleaner and powerbrush. It is used with the following:

  • Miele S300-600 Electric Series Vacuums
  • Miele S2 Electric Series Vacuums
  • Miele Galaxy Electric Series, S5 Vacuums
  • Miele SEB 236, SEB 217-3 and SEB 217-2 and SEB228 Powerbrushes
  • Miele SES 115, SES 116, SES 118, SES 119, SES125, and SES130 Electric Hoses

Note: It can not be used with the Miele SEB 234 nor smaller SEB 213-2 Powerbrushes.

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