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Miele SES121 Hose


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Miele SES 121
Miele SES121 Electric Vacuum Hose

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Replacement hose for MOST S8000 and C3 series canisters.

DOES NOT fit the C3 Brilliant, S8 Uniq or HomeCare Plus vacuums.

This electric hose replaces the hose that came with the following canister vacuums:

  • S8 or C3 Marin
  • S8 or C3 Cat/Dog
  • S8 or C3 HomeCare
  • S8 or C3 Kona
  • S8 FreshAir
  • S8 or C3 Alize
  • S8 or C3 Calima
  • C3 SoftCarpet

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