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Lustro Italiano Stone Sealer


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Ultra Premium Stone Sealer

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Premium Grade Stone Sealer

This premium grade stone sealer is designed to make your stone surfaces resistant to stains that result form a kitchen or work environment. When applied according to the directions this sealer for natural stone will produce a barrier that will allow you to clean spills up before they stain or otherwise mar your beautiful natural stone surface.

This stone sealer is premium grade. Which means it is an impregnating penetrating sealer that can be applied (although in many cases, does not have to be) yearly.

Lustro Italiano Sealer

Lustro has added a ultra premium grade specific sealer to protect your investment. If your kitchen hasn't been sealed within the last year, or you do not know if your counter has been sealed, then apply Lustro Italiano Stone Sealer to water proof and stain proof your investment.

Lustro Italiano ultra premium sealer protects the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Limestone

This sealer can be applied to polished, honed, brushed and antique finished stones and also works as a premium grout and tile sealer. Also excellent for concrete, pavers, brick, block.

Lustro Italiano natural stone sealer is designed to penetrate into the microporosities of the stone to protect against everyday household oils such as olive oil, vegetable oil, grease, etc. The sealer also provides a barrier against foods such as:

  • Wine
  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Mustard
  • Some Water

These substances have the potential to stain stone or create water marks.

Lustro Italiano natural stone sealer will not change the natural colors of the stone and allows the stone to breathe without leaving a film on the surface.

Through normal applications, the sealer will last 4-5 years on countertops. For high traffic floors, it will last up to 1 year.


  • Coverage: approximately 50-70 square feet per 250ml can.
  • Shelf Life: lasts up to 1 year in normal household conditions between 65-77 degrees.

Lustro Italiano natural stone sealer is manufactured in Italy using premium raw materials to produce a sealer that can't be beat!


  1. Clean stone with Lustro Italiano stone cleaner to remove all surface oils, foods, dirt, etc.
  2. Remove all stains from the stone before you use Lustro Italiano sealer.
  3. Apply sealer with a brush, sponge, or pour onto the stone and spread with a paper towel.
  4. Allow Lustro to set on the stone for approximately 5 minutes. If the stone absorbs all of the sealer, apply more to the stone. Once Lustro has stopped absorbing into the stone, wipe off all excess from the top. If applying for the first time, we suggest applying a second coat after 1 hour using the same application.
  5. After removing all product from the surface, allow the stone to dry 6 hours before food application. On floors, wait 24 hours before use.
  6. Lustro Sealer is a solvent based sealer that will have an odor when being applied. The odor will disappear within 1 hour of application.
  7. Follow with Lustro granite & marble cleaner and polish as cleaning and maintenance for the stone.

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