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Lustro Italiano Stone Polish


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Stone Polish Spray With Sealer

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Stone Polish Spray With Sealer

Stone polish comes packaged in a 11 ounce aerosol can specifically designed to bring out the natural stones brilliant colors. Lustro Italiano polish has unique compounds to add a vibrant polish to the stone. But even more important, Lustro Italiano stone polish has a sealer added. If used on a regular bases, the countertop will never need to be resealed.

Why Use Stone Polish Spray?

When used a couple of times a month as a polish on your stone countertop, it will add luster and shine to the stone. Using Lustro Italiano spray polish on your natural stone counters yields the following benefits:

  • May be used on all polished natural stone:
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Travertine
    • Limestone
  • Also excellent for engineered stone:
    • Concrete
  • Enhances the natural colors of the stone.
  • Puts a coating on the surface for extra protection.
  • Continually adds sealer with every application so that a professional seal never has to be done.
  • Increases the shine and polish of the stone.

  • Premium Quality Polish
  • Includes Sealer
  • Provides additional protection against stains
  • Brings out brilliant colors in stone

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